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Super Happy Follicles with DHT Blocker


 (follicle booster) Super happy follicles is for individuals who have hormonal hair loss or Male pattern baldness which is caused by (DHT) dihydrotestosterone - a hormone that causes hair loss.

 Created with a natural DHT blocker along with Jamaican black seed oil and a host of other essential oils. When gently massaged into thin areas of the hair blood flow increases and strengthens the follicles, the growth phase is extended and the shedding phase is shortened. Studies have shown growth, thicker hair, and 80% less shedding after two weeks of continuous use. 

The safety of this Product is ensured through strict compliances to the rules of Quality Assurance and Good Manufacturing Practices. Testing the compatibility of the product with packaging as well as shelf-life stability are were ensured. We also recommend that directions on the label should be adhered to and that this product is used safely.