Our Mission

Johnna Sabree Co. is a luxury haircare brand on a mission to revitalize, nourish and promote hair growth.  Every bottle is developed using clean, naturally derived ingredients for the Individual who wants more than just style, but rather, a hair care routine that promotes growth, revitalizes the hair and simplifies the at home maintenance regimen, while providing her tresses the luxury and care it deserves.


Developed by 3rd generation beautician and haircare specialist Johnna Sabree, Johnna used her 20 plus years experience and inherited knowledge from her late grandmother who allowed her to help out in the family salon at the tender age of 8, Motivated by a passion to create and a natural talent for hairstyling, Johnna quickly became a highly sought after stylist in her community. In 2016 Johnna became a certified hair loss practitioner in order to help women grow and maintain their hair by using a multi therapeutic approach. Out of necessity, consciousness, and passion for her customers hair care needs, Johnna Sabree Haircare products which began with natural recipes evolved into a clean therapeutic product line combining essential oils, herbs, and naturally derived ingredients. These ingredients have been used to treat a wide range of conditions such as: burns, hairloss, inflammation, and flaky scalp. Our CEO understands that between life's busy schedules, goals, and family we need to make time for ourselves so she encourages self care that begins with awareness of what we put on our bodies and ends with knowing that we have done something for ourselves that will benefit us in the future. From the salon the comforts of your home, we pride ourselves on helping you Glow & Grow!