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Black Hair Care

Written by Johnna Hodges Sabree


Posted on November 22 2020

Hey, I'm Johnna Sabree. A 3rd. generation hair stylist with over 20 years professional experience. I decided to start blogging about the black hair experience because I live it! & I recently created a line of luxury haircare for women of color.

The natural hair boom that occurred over the 10 or so years ago created a need for products to help women embrace their texture like never before. For the record I absolutely love that we are embracing our kinks, coils, and curls especially in a society that has taught us that we don't have the ideal hair or skin color. My issue lies in the fact that now it seems like product companies are jumping on the bandwagon and forgetting that just like our hair and skin color we are all different. We are the most versatile women on the planet if you ask me and I don't feel that's represented as much when it comes to hair care companies. 

So what I've come to realize is, women who are versatile feel their hair is just as important as their outfit only more important because our hair is our crown. It's the manifestation of what's going on inside of us and for that reason at times, I'm a Hairipist behind the chair. When we are stressed our hair goes through it and sometimes the only option is a weave or wig. Many women choose not to wear their own hair out of convenience but as a professional I see women ignore the foundational things that help maintain a healthy head of hair. This is where the professional comes in, many stylist can see where the client goes wrong and it's not aways the clients fault.

When the shelves at the store are stocked with products for women who've mastered their own twist outs, or quick fixes for the chicks who can whip up a ponytail and glue their own hair in, someone who just wants to maintain their relaxed hair or braid down under their wig can get lost. When it come's to caring for the scalp and hair most women feel they have to go to the salon for that. 

As a professional hair stylist I appreciate that women know they should trust a pro for certain things but during the Covid19 quarantine a lot of women didn't have that option. I personally knew my clients were going through it, some even loss hair and there wasn't a lot I could suggest to help them. I would suggest a product from one company and something different from another because hair care isn't a one size fits all thing. In my salon I have clients who want it all and for the most part I'm able to do most of what they desire. As long as it's not damaging to their hair I'm ready to make it happen for them. In a day I can do a sew in, quick weave, relaxer and cut, silk press, and ponytail. Even though they may all want something different, they all want a healthy scalp and a head of hair that grows.

So during the shut down I felt like life as I knew it was over and if I couldn't provide services in my salon anymore I would try to put what I did in my salon in a bottle if that makes sense I started with some natural ingredients from right in my kitchen but knowing what I know about hair, there are some staple ingredients that are needed in hair care formulations. I combined the knowledge of my years behind the chair, things I learned from my grandma, my expertise as a hair loss practitioner and I hired a chemist to help me formulate Johnna Sabree hair care products. 

I needed to answer the needs of everyday women who don't want to sacrifice great style in order to have healthy hair. I thought about the women who are conscious about what they put in and on their bodies and I put major emphasis on ingredients that promote growth, hydration and manage scalp irritation. With this combination we can unapologetically rock any style with true confidence. 

I hope you enjoyed reading my take on black hair care and If you are ready to get the ball rolling on your hair care journey check out my product line. It's created with you in mind, simplified, clean, growth promoting must haves to lay the foundation for any style you rock!

Until next time, stay fabulous!





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